Residence card


The residence permit is cancelled in the case of:

  • its loss or damage (from the date of reporting the loss or damage to the competent authority);

  • its replacement due to a change:

- the facial image of the cardholder in relation to the facial image placed in the card to an extent that makes it difficult or impossible to identify the card holder (on the date of receipt of the new card),

- data placed in it (on the day of receipt of the new card);

  • acquisition of Polish citizenship by a foreigner (on the date of expiry of the card return deadline);

  • the death of the holder of the residence permit (on the date of obtaining information by the authority about the death of the foreigner);

  • when the foreigner does not return it after the decision and referred to in Article 249(1) (2-8) of the Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners (on the date on which this decision became final or expired).

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