Long-term EU resident's permit

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In order for a foreigner to obtain a residence permit for a long-term EU resident, it is necessary for them to meet the following requirements in a cumulative manner:

  • he is a person entitled to apply for a residence permit for a long-term EU resident – they are therefore a third-country national or stateless person, and at the time of the application in this matter they are legally residing in the territory of Poland (excluding certain grounds of residence);

  • stayed in Poland legally and continuously for at least 5 years preceding the submission of the application for the permit, with the proviso that not every stay in Poland is included in this period and not every stay is included in full, and uninterrupted stay does not mean the absence of any departures from Poland (Read the explanation contained below);

    In the case of foreigners admitted to the territory of the Union as highly qualified workers (so-called mobile Blue Card holders), at least 5 years of legal and continuous residence on the territory of one or more EU Member States is required on the basis of residence permits issued, in accordance with Council Directive 2009/50/EC, containing the annotation "Blue Card", including at least 2 years. legal and uninterrupted residence on the basis of such a document on the territory of Poland (i.e. stay on the basis of a temporary residence permit for the purpose of performing work in a highly qualified profession)in the period immediately preceding the submission of the application;

  • has, on the date of the decision on granting the permit, has a source of stable and regular (i.e. characterized by relativestability andcontinuity) income sufficient to cover the costs of living for himself and their dependent family membersand had such a source of income in the 3 years preceding the submission of the application, unless has been in the EU for at least 5 years on the basis of residence permits with the endorsement "Blue Card", including at least2 years on the territory of Poland, in which case the period of the last 2 years is subject to verification;

    The amount of income in the examined period must be higher than PLN 776 per month if the foreigner manages independently and does not have dependents or exceed PLN 600 per month for each family member.

  • has health insurance within the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from public funds or confirmation of coverage by the insurer of the costs of treatment on the territory of the Republic of Poland;

  • has a confirmed knowledge of Poland language at the level of language proficiency of at least B1 – this requirement does not apply to foreigners who on the day of submitting the application did not exceed 16 years of age;

    (Go to the "Documents" stage to check what documents confirm your knowledge of Polish).

  • presents a legal title to the dwelling in which they will reside, i.e. a document confirming the right to live in a given premises – under pain of leaving the application unexamined;

  • completes the formal requirements related to the permit, including: submit the application in person, on the form, together with the necessary attachments, as well as present a valid travel document (or in justified cases, if the foreigner does not have a travel document and it is not possible to obtain it – another document confirming their identity), give fingerprints (except when it is not physically possible to take fingerprints) and pay stamp duty.


  • The method of calculating the period of stay required to grant a long-term resident's residence permit is specific.

  • Knowledge of Poland language is confirmed in a manner specified by law (i.e. by presenting specific documents, not any evidence confirming it).

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