Long-term EU resident's permit

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Theresidence permit for a long-term EU resident has been regulated in the provisions of Chapter 2 of Section VI. Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2021, item 2354, późn.zm).

The substantive legal requirements for granting this permit are set out in Article 211(1) of the Act on Foreigners.

That law shall also contain a reference to implementing acts regulating the relevant issues relating to the granting of that authorisation, in particular:

  • Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of 28 April 2014 on the application for granting a foreigner a residence permit for a long-term resident of the European Union (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 569);

  • Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 11 July 2018 on verified income criteria and amounts of cash benefits from social assistance (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1358);

  • Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of 26 July 2022 on fees collected in the Republic of Poland from foreigners for issuing and exchanging documents that may be issued to foreigners and the procedure for their payment (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 1583).

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