Long-term EU resident's permit

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a. Documents required at the application stage

A foreigner applying for a residence permit for a long-term EU resident submits to the voivode competent for the place of their stay:

  • completed, in accordance with the instruction, the application form for granting a residence permit for a long-term EU resident – under pain of leaving the application unexamined; The rules for completing the application are presented in the next stage: "Completing the application". In this section there is also the application itself to be completed in MOS and downloaded.

  • 4 up-to-date photographs presenting in an unquestionable way the image of the foreigner's face, without headgear and blackout glasses, meeting the detailed criteria set out by law, i.e. undamaged, coloured, with good sharpness; measuring 35 mm x 45 mm; taken not earlier than within 6 months before the date of submitting the application; depicting the image of the face from the top of the head to the upper part of the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70-80% of the photographs, on a uniform light background, depicting a foreigner facing straight ahead with open eyes, unobstructed hair, with a natural facial expression and closed mouth, as well as reproducing the natural color of their skin; clearly depicting the eyes of the foreigner, and especially their pupils, and the line of the foreigner's eyes is parallel to the upper edge of the photograph – under pain of leaving the application unexamined.

The regulations allow for a situation in which:

a foreigner who wears a headdress in accordance with the rules of their religion will attach to the application photographs depicting them in this headdress, as long asthe image of the face is fully visible in the photograph, and they attach to the application a statement of the foreigner about belonging to a religious community;

A man with congenital or acquired defects in the organ of vision may attach to the application photographs depicting them in glasses with dark lenses; in this case, however, they should attach documents confirming disabilityand, if it is not possible to presentthem, submit a declaration of disability;

the foreigner will attach to the application photographs with their eyes closed, other than natural facial expressions or with their mouth open, if this is objectively justified (e.g. their state of health).

  • a photocopy of a valid travel document (at the same time presents the person accepting the application with its original for inspection – under pain of leaving the application unexamined);

    In a particularly justified case, if the foreigner does not have a validtravel document and it is not possible to obtain it, they may present another document confirming their identity in a way that does not raise doubts. At the same time, it should document the objective inability to obtain a travel document and the efforts made to obtain it.

  • a document confirming the possession of a legal title to the premises in which they will be staying – under pain of leaving the application unexamined;

  • Proof of payment of stamp duty. Go to the "Stamp Duty" stage for more information.

b. Other documents

At the stage of submitting the application, it is desirable to also provide documents necessary to confirm the datacontained in the application and the circumstances justifying applying for a residence permit for a long-term EU resident.

These waters are not affected by the rigour of leaving the application unexamined and may be supplemented in the course of the proceedings. However, it should be remembered thatcombining full documentation already at the stage of submitting the application is an action consistent with the interest of the party. It organizes and simplifies the proceedings, because already at the initial stage the authority can make correct determinations regarding the foreigner's situation, which undoubtedly speeds up the process of examining the application and eliminates the risks associated with the need to supplement the documentation by the foreigner in the further course of the procedure for granting a permit.

The evidence to be presented in the proceedings includes:

  • documents confirming uninterrupted stay in Poland or indicating the reasons for the occurrence ofomittable breaks in stay (e.g.confirmation of foreigndelegation, certificate from the university about participation in the exchange of students or about foreign internships provided for in the course of studies; documents confirming the need to leave for treatment / rehabilitation (including confirming the inability to undergo such treatment in Poland and the period(s) during which the foreigner received treatment/rehabilitation);

  • documents confirming the possession of a source of stable and regular income in the appropriate amount (as explained in the Requirements stage), e.g. an employment contract, a mandate contract, a certificate from ZUS on the amount of the pension or disability pension received, if you run a business or a company – documents confirming the current income earned from the company / employment contract, if on its basis you perform your function asa member of the management board;

  • documents confirming the possession of such a source of income in the perspective of the last 3 years (2 years in the case of the so-called mobile Blue Card holders, as explained in the Requirements stage), e.g. tax returns on the amount of income earned during this time;

  • health insurance;

  • documents confirming the knowledge of Poland language, which may be [as explained in the Requirements stage]:

certificate of knowledge of Poland language at the level of at least B1 issued by the State Commission Certifying Knowledge of Poland Language [more information: certyfikatpolski.pl],

certificate of completion of a school in Poland, including primary or secondary school (including post-secondary school), with Polish as the language of instruction,

diploma of graduation in Poland, with Polish as the language of instruction,

school leaving certificate or university diploma with Polish as the language of instructionabroad.

  • in the case of the will to be represented in the proceedings by a proxy – a power of attorney together with confirmation of payment of stamp duty.


  • the documents should be attached in the original or in a copy certified to be a true copy of the original by a notary public or the party's attorney who is an attorney-at-law or legal advisor; certification of the compliance of the copy with the original may also be made by an authorized employee of the voivodeship office in the administration office, upon presentation of the original document;

  • documents drawn up in a foreign language must be presented together with a sworn translation into Polish; the register of sworn translators is kept by the Ministry of Justice and is available at: https://arch-bip.ms.gov.pl/pl/rejestry-i-ewidencje/tlumacze-przysiegli/lista-tlumaczy-przysieglych/search.html

  • closely related documents should be presented jointly (e.g., a sublease agreement with a lease agreement) and be valid on the date the permit is issued.

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