Long-term EU resident's permit

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After reviewing the evidence and its possible supplementation, the voivode decides by means of an administrative decision on granting the permit, if they find that there are no obstacles to its granting, including assessing that the requirements for the permit have been met.

A foreigner who has obtained a permit is issued a residence card (more in the tab: "Residence card"). The fee for issuing a residence card is PLN 100.

The Voivode will issue an administrative decision refusing to grant a permit if it finds that there is a ground for refusal, which in relation to a foreigner may be related to:

  • failure to meet the requirements for a long-term EU resident's residence permit referred to in Article 211(1) of the Act on Foreigners, or

  • defence or security of the State or protection of security and public order.

The decision on the permit is appealed to the Head of the Office for Foreigners (more in the stage: "Appeal").


  • A long-term EU resident's residence permit can be revoked m.in if you leave the EU for more than another 12 months (24 – in the case of so-called mobile Blue Card holders), or leave the territory of Poland for more than 6 years.

  • On the date of obtaining this permit, the permanent residence permit held by the foreigner expires by operation of law (i.e. automatically).

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