Registration of residence of an EU citizen


The regulations provide for the obligation for an EU citizen to submit an application for registration of residence in person – under pain of leaving the application unexamined, with the proviso that the application in the case of:

  • a minor - is made by their parents or guardians appointed by the court or other authority, or by one of the parents or guardians appointed by the court or other authority;

  • a fully incapacitated person remaining under parental authority - is submitted by the parents, and in the case of a fully incapacitated person not remaining under parental authority, the application is submitted by a guardian appointed by a court or other body;

  • an unaccompanied minor - is submitted by the probation officer.

The obligation to submit an application in person should be fulfilled within a specified period – no later than on the next day after 3 months from the date of entry into the territory of Poland.

The completed and signed application is submitted with attachments to the voivode competent for the foreigner's place of stay after prior appointment at the department competent for foreigners in the voivodeship office or its branch. When submitting the application (a UK national / family member of a UK national), is required to present a valid travel document, attach the necessary documents (more information in the tab "Documents") and submit fingerprints (if they are over 6 years old).


Departments responsible for foreigners in the voivodeship offices have introduced a system of electronic booking of visits in order to submit an application. Be sure to check the rules for booking a visit to a given office. The waiting time for the visit may be extended, so do not hesitate and book your visit well in advance.

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