Registration of residence of an EU citizen

Completing the application

  • The MOS portal does not currently provide the possibility to fill in an online application form for registration of residence. However, the application form for registration of residence is available for download in the Case Handling Module – click to go to the forms.

    It has also been made available electronically on the websites of departments competent in matters of foreigners in voivodeship offices, and its paper versions can be obtained at the headquarters of the departments, their branches and in other places where it is possible to submit an application (based on the decision of voivodes).

  • Before proceeding with the application form, please read the instruction on page 7 of this form. Also read the regulations and procedure explained in the MOS or use other sources of reliable information. In the case of incomprehensible issues, it is necessary to seek clarification of them.

  • Before proceeding with completing the application, it is recommended to read the information about the most common mistakes made by applicants, available in the section: "Avoid Mistakes" (Click here to go to the "Most Common Mistakes" tab).

  • The application questionnaire should be completed in Polish, legibly, in block letters written in the appropriate boxes using an indelible ballpoint pen or a pen with black or blue ink. All required fields must be completed.

  • It should be filled in by providing information and data in accordance with the facts, valid on the date of submitting the request to the authority. Therefore, it is necessary to provide, inter alia, current address of residence.

  • In Part A of the application form, if:

a) you are a citizen of an EU Member State other than Poland – tick the box "citizen of the Country of the European Union"

b) you are a citizen of Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein - check the box "citizen of a country of the European Economic Area not belonging to the European Union"

c) if you are a citizen of the Swiss Confederation – tick the box "citizen of the Swiss Confederation"

d) if you are a family member of a citizen of a Member State of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland and you yourself have the citizenship of one of the above-mentioned countries – tick the box "family member of a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of the above-mentioned countries (...)" and enter the

personal data (their record should be consistent with the transcription made in their travel document),

date and place of birth (in Polish notation, e.g., not Paris but Paris)

nationality. If you have two or more citizenships, one of your EU/EFTA or CH citizenships is sufficient (Remember – if you have Polish citizenship, do not apply with this application!)

  • In part B, enter the details of the travel document or other document confirming your identity and citizenship, and in part C – the address of the place of actual residence in Poland. Fill in Part D only if you have fulfilled the registration obligation.

  • In Part E, point I. indicate co is the basis for the right of residence in Poland. If you select the "other" field, additionally specify these circumstances. Fill in point II of Part E if you remain economically inactive in Poland (i.e., if your right of residence does not result from the fact of performing an activity as an employed or self-employed person in Poland, see Article 16(1)(2) or (3) of the Entry Act).

  • These annexes to the application shall correspond to their actual annex. The application must be accompanied by documents, as explained in the "Documents" section.

  • When signing an application, an EU citizen may not be replaced by a proxy.

  • A correctly completed application is complete only when it is hand-signed by the person authorized to submit it. Present the application prepared in this way together with the attachments to the voivode competent for the place of your stay in Poland during the discussed visit to the office.

  • The application for registration of residence is completed and signed by:

in the case of a minor - parents or guardians appointed by the court or other authority, or one of the parents or guardians appointed by the court or other authority,

in the case of an unaccompanied minor - a probation officer appointed by the court,

in the case of a legally incapacitated person who is completely under parental authority - parents, and if a person is not under parental authority - a guardian appointed by the court or other authority.

  • On the other hand, a specimen signature on the application (part H) is submitted by the minor themself - provided that they are 13 years of age or older. The specimen signature may not go beyond the field provided for its placement.

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