Temporary residence permit for education

( primary school, post-primary education, including post-secondary schools, language courses, part-time studies, postgraduate studies, other forms of education)

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  • Getting acquainted with the instruction and information about the procedure available in the MOS information section

  • Verification of whether there are grounds for refusing to initiate proceedings

  • Verification of whether there are grounds for refusal of authorisation

  • Filling in the application – in accordance with the rules and attaching 4 photographs that meet the criteria from the regulation

  • Payment of stamp duty for granting a permit

  • Personal submission of an application during legal residence (by appointment)

  • Presentation of the travel document at the time of application

  • Fingerprinting when applying

  • Attaching proof of education on the territory of the Republic of Poland (e.g. in the form of a certificate from a school / university)

  • Attach proof of health insurance

  • Attaching a proof of payment of the tuition fee – if the foreigner receives education for a fee

  • Attaching proof of sufficient resources to cover the costs of subsistence, education and return travel

  • Attaching proof of residence

  • Attaching a power of attorney with proof of payment of stamp duty (if a proxy has been appointed)

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