Long-term EU resident's residence permit

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  • Getting acquainted with the instruction and information about the procedure available in the MOS information section

  • Verification of whether there are grounds for refusing to initiate proceedings

  • Verification of whether there are grounds for refusal of authorisation

  • Filling in the application – in accordance with the rules and attaching 4 photographs that meet the criteria from the regulation

  • Payment of stamp duty for granting a permit

  • Personal submission of an application during legal residence (by appointment)

  • Presentation of a valid travel document at the time of application and attaching a photocopy thereof

  • Fingerprinting when applying

  • Attaching evidence of uninterrupted stay in Poland or justifying breaks in stay

  • Attaching evidence of stable and regular income sufficient to cover the costs of maintaining oneself and dependent family members along with information about dependent persons - in the period of 3 years preceding the application (in the case of mobile Blue Card permit holders - 2 years), such as: tax returns on the amount of income of the foreigner for the above-mentioned period, employment contract, a mandate contract for that period;

  • Attaching a legal title to the premises

  • Attach proof of health insurance

  • Attaching documents confirming the knowledge of the Polish language – as explained in the MOS

  • Attaching a power of attorney with proof of payment of stamp duty (if a representative has been appointed, each time the representative changes)

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