Personal appearance


The condition for the effective initiation of administrative proceedings in the case of granting a foreigner a residence permit on the territory of the Republic of Poland is (with some exceptions) the foreigner's fulfilment of the obligation to appear in person at the seat of the authority examining the case.

In the event that the application for a residence permit for a foreigner was not submitted in person, the voivode calls the foreigner to appear in person within a period of not less than 7 days under pain of leaving the application unexamined (see: leaving without consideration). During a visit to the office, fingerprints are also taken from the foreigner in situations specified in the law.

The requirement to submit an application in person is not the same as the obligation for a foreigner to appear in person in order to submit fingerprints in order to place them on a biometric document (residence permit). The authority dealing with the case will refuse to initiate proceedings if the foreigner fails to comply with this obligation within the prescribed period (see: refusal to initiate).

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