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Portal mos.cudzoziemcy.gov.pl

The Case handling Module (MOS) available at mos.cudzoziemcy.gov.pl is a new website launched by the Office for Foreigners. The portal allows, among other things, to submit an application for a residence permit, to fill in forms in an intuitive wizard, to correctly prepare documents and to obtain information on migration procedures. The website is available in seven languages.

With the new portal, foreigners can fill in on-line application forms for a temporary or permanent residence permit and send them to the relevant voivode. Currently, once the application has been uploaded in the Case Handling Module, it is necessary to print it out, sign it and present the paper version during a personal visit to the voivodeship office. However, in the future, the portal will provide an option to submit the application entirely on-line.

When filling in the electronic application form in the Case Handling Module, where possible, the foreign national can choose relevant content from the drop-down lists. In order to fill in the application correctly, they can use contextual help that has been translated into foreign languages; moreover, there are safeguards that prevent leaving blank fields when filling in the application. These solutions are designed to make the process of applying for a residence permit more efficient right from the application stage.

The mos.cudzoziemcy.gov.pl website also allows:

  • to check the residence possibilities depending on the foreigner's situation

  • to access the information on procedures regulating the entry, stay and departure of foreigners from Poland

  • to access the database of frequently asked questions

  • to learn about the most common errors made in the various stages of procedures

  • to access to check-lists of procedures and verify that all steps leading to the granting of the residence permit have been completed

  • to access the instructional videos and publications prepared by the Office for Foreigners and other institutions

  • to use the active PDF forms and filled them electronically

  • to download other application forms related to the matters of legalisation of stay of foreigners.

The mos.cudzoziemcy.gov.pl portal is available in seven language versions: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Please note: if a foreigner has previously submitted an application and is already waiting for a residence permit to be granted, they do not need to submit a new application via the Case Handling Module.