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We kindly inform you of the following:

  • The technical issues related to the functioning of the MOS portal must be reported to the e-mail address provided in the section Contact.

  • The lack of compliance with the specific contents published on the MOS portal with the currently applicable legal or factual state, errors or discrepancies must be recorder to the e-mail address provided in the section Contact.

  • Contact form is available in the section Contact.

  • In the case of issues with the availability of the website, please contact in the manner provided in the Declaration of accessibility. We inform that everyone has the right to file a request for ensuring the availability of a website, a mobile application or any element thereof. You also have the right to share the information in alternative forms. The request should contain the details of the person who makes the request, an indication of the specific website or mobile application and the contact method.

  • Information regarding the administrative cases carried out in the Office for Foreigners may be obtained by telephone at the following phone number: 47 721 76 75 (on business days between 9.00 - 16.00)

  • A telephone line is also available for Ukrainian citizens: 47 721 75 75 (on business days between 9.00 - 16.00)

  • The cases related to issuing the permits for stay, work and registration of invitation for foreigners are carried out by the departments of foreigners’ affairs and the departments of citizen and foreigner affairs in Voivodeship Offices. In cases related to these type of proceedings, please contact the appropriate Voivodeship Office. The contact details are available in the section titled Contact.